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Feel free to contact me on Twitter, check out my professional skills on LinkedIn or take a look at my public GitHub repositories.

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Alternatively contact me via e-mail. The address is me <at> <this domain>. If you aren't sure what domain is, you can find it above in the internet browser bar and it is in form of <something>.cz.

Not Blog

It's not a blog; just a few notes, posts, code snippets etc.


If you need to send me an encrypted file or just to verify that the person you communicate with is really me, import my GnuPG key. This is me at And this is the fingerprint of my key:

pub   rsa4096 2017-10-08 [SC]
      4E20 B770 1EF8 6AD6 2A50  1BEA BE37 4EFE 4ECC 6A45
uid           [ultimate] Petr Belohlavek (Personal key) 
sub   rsa4096 2017-10-08 [E]

If you know me personally, do not hesitate to sign my key and send it to me. Thanks.

SSH Public Key

If you need me to login to your server, I use this key:


My bitcoin wallet: 16Lb6XuKimLCSbQGLbdS8T2ubSbnSKhgTD